Register a Brewer

TASSIMO Brewer Registration

TASSIMO Brewer Registration

Offer valid in the US only on Limit 1 redemption
per registered brewer. This offer cannot be combined with other
promotions. A brewer cannot be registered more than once.
Registration requires a valid Tassimo account.

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Register Your Brewer Instructions


1. Which Brochure did you get with your Brewer?


If you got this, use the Serial Number on the bottom of your brewer.



From the bottom of your Brewer.


Enter all letters and numbers, no spaces.
Example: C1003475421

Write in your Serial Number
If you got this, use the Registration Number on the instructions.



From this brochure.


Enter all 11 numbers, no spaces.
Example: 1234567890

(You will not need your Serial Number.)

Write in your Registration Number

2. Find your TAS Number

Your TAS number is located on the bottom of your brewer.
See example below.

TAS Number

When entering your TAS Number you must include all letters, numbers, and the back slash /. No Spaces.

EXAMPLE: TAS2001UC/01 or TAS2001UC8

Write in your TAS Number

3. Find your FD Number

Your FD number is located on the bottom of your brewer.
See example below.

FD Production Code

When entering your FD Number you must include all letters (FD) and numbers. No Spaces.


Write in your FD Number

We are having trouble registering your brewer. Please check your entries below, some require both letters and numbers. Need more help? View Detailed Instructions

Register your TASSIMO Home Brewing System

and get 2 Free packages of T DISCS.

Enter the following numbers found at the bottom of your Brewer:
FD Production Code

Serial Number *
* (Example: 1234567 or C10034675421)
(Example: TAS2001UC/01 or TAS2001UC8)
(Example: FD9011)