About Your Order

Order Confirmation

Upon completion of your online order, we will show you a confirmation page summarizing your order, including your order number. You can print this page for your records. We will also send an order confirmation email with the same summary to the email address noted in your order. When your order ships, you’ll receive a ship confirmation as well.

Order Status

You will receive a confirmation email from us shortly after placing your order. Within one to two business days of placing an order, you can begin tracking your shipment's progress from our door to yours. Simply log in to your account to track the progress of a specific order.

Changing or Canceling An Auto Delivery Order

You may change or cancel an Auto Delivery order at any time. Just log in to My Account and click on the Auto Delivery Orders link under Your Orders, then select the Auto Delivery order you would like to change or cancel. You can remove individual items from your order or any upcoming shipment (as long as you maintain the two-box Auto Delivery minimum), change the frequency of Auto Delivery shipments, and change the ship date. (Changing the ship date will reset your default date for Auto Delivery intervals.) If you're considering canceling your Auto Delivery order due to one of the following reasons, please click on that reason to learn about other options.

TDISCS are Too Expensive
Many of us would like to limit our budget and still enjoy the benefits of TASSIMO Auto Delivery service. Therefore, we are happy to offer a solution that allows you to enjoy our products on special days and occasions. We can also recommend that you extend the time between shipments. You can do so online. Click here to sign in or create an online account.

Lack of variety or dislike taste
We offer over 40 beverage varieties, and all products come with a satisfaction guarantee. Our beverages are also recipe tolerant, which means with your brewer you can vary your recipe to achieve the perfect amount and taste for you.

Permanently moving to another location
If you are in the process of moving, you can provide us with your new address and place your account on hold until after your move is complete. At that time, your regularly scheduled shipments will resume, based on the intervals you have selected. You can do so online. Click here to sign in or create an online account.

Vacation/Leaving Town Temporarily
If you plan to be away from your residence due to a vacation or a temporary move, simply provide us with the date when you would like to receive your next shipment and we will suspend all shipments until that date. On that date, your regularly scheduled shipments will resume and will continue based on the intervals you have selected. You can do so online. Click here to sign in or create an online account.

How to Register Your Brewer

Register your TASSIMO Home Brewing System and get FREE packages of T DISCs.

Registration is easy! You'll need the following items to complete the process:

  1. Product Serial Number or Registration Number
    Help! Which do I need?
  2. TAS Number
    Where can I find this?
  3. FD Production Code
    Where can I find this?

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